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The recipes

Our recipes are cooked and connected to their original birth place. We do not aim at easy cooking methods, but at genuine recipes with original ingredients.

We do not use ingredient substitutes.

With the help of the distinguished chef Panos Tsikas and our creative ideas, we keep the food quality high at all levels. You enjoy the end result as comfort or street food in Alexandroupolis, but it could well bring you memories of a traditional Italian trattoria. 

About us

The gastronomic background of the founders is long, and contains individuals such as professional chefs, food & wine tasters with reputation.

Behind every recipe cooked at Umami Pasta Fresca is TU events, the company that organizes gastronomic and wine events across the country.


With the primary goal always to provide high quality food delivering an experience to our guests, we create recipes and pair our recipes with the ideal wines.  


Always committed to our goal, we craft with passion for all of you. The good food-lovers!

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The wine

At Umami Pasta we love wine and we show it in our every move! The career of one of the founders started with wine and gastronomic festivals and events (Umami Festival) of TU events. We have a long wine list to take away, delivery or enjoy on spot and we renew the labels, try new wines and constantly expand our wine cellar.  

Our goal is to have dozens of different wines in bottles and glasses at low prices, further promoting the daily life of our favorite wine next to our quality comfort street food but also on a casual level. 

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